Domain Report  

The Domain Report identifies the top origins of visitors to this site. This is determined by the suffix of their domain name. Use this information carefully as this is based on where their domain name is registered and may not always be an accurate identifier of the actual geographic location of this visitor. For example, while most .com domain names are from the United States, there are a growing number of .com domain names that exist outside the United States.

This report shows results with at least 50 requests. This report is sorted by number of requests.

Domain NameNumber of requestsNumber of bytes transferredNumber of page requests
1.[unresolved numerical addresses]272,8749.284 GB131,363
    4676,5151.065 GB75,935
    14622,352224.118 MB22,341
    10716,923806.846 MB853
    7014,301794.390 MB400
    19910,660556.465 MB888
    59,042225.554 MB8,453
    669,031523.566 MB1,700
    687,815372.031 MB647
    1725,862339.521 MB317
    735,653309.174 MB208
    505,375274.957 MB342
    994,988234.557 MB474
    2164,940157.499 MB2,123
    744,935283.237 MB176
    1084,410182.511 MB356
    1654,219152.020 MB279
    2083,435186.931 MB194
    1742,931143.655 MB71
    1842,684150.199 MB365
    692,678135.227 MB114
    1732,64198.596 MB235
    1622,639134.135 MB110
    1042,484137.218 MB309
    752,41177.701 MB219
    1662,12585.495 MB37
    1632,06260.828 MB2,040
    121,99752.347 MB168
    241,98567.977 MB95
    641,984108.694 MB176
    881,67446.863 MB1,666 (Commercial)28,9661.792 GB18,560
    msn.com6,201683.380 MB4,285
    webmeup.com5,426131.949 MB5,058
    ahrefs.com4,297105.832 MB4,019
    myvzw.com2,651157.559 MB65
    baidu.com2,49346.281 MB2,178
    yandex.com1,81487.180 MB1,100 (Networks)19,490897.939 MB1,543
    comcast.net3,324219.325 MB225
    sbcglobal.net2,463103.400 MB111
    comcastbusiness.net1,75860.798 MB162
    iquest.net1,72151.612 MB132
    acfw.net1,68537.502 MB34 (USA Government)2,86480.043 MB204
    in.gov2,78477.726 MB198 (United States)1,11737.954 MB18 (Germany)1,01024.466 MB914 (Russia)35810.706 MB184 (USA Higher Education)2808.329 MB42 (Non Profit Making Organisations)1279.847 MB32
10.[unknown domain]1132.052 MB98
 [not listed: 43]2255.169 MB200

This report was generated on July 17, 2017 18:33.
Report time frame December 31, 2016 19:00 to July 13, 2017 18:59.

Web statistics report produced by: analog 6.0 / Report Magic 2.21